September 8, 2022

Cardano Community: 5 Tips for NFT Artists & Creators to Increase Followers and Build an NFT Community


Why building an NFT community is important

A lot more people are quite familiar with NFTs, NFT art, and NFT marketplaces these days. But many are still wondering about the definition and meaning of NFTs. This demonstrates that the NFT market is evolving and still in its relative infancy with a lot more room for expansion.

One of the most important skills for artists, creators, and brands to succeed in selling NFTs is to build a community of passionate fans and followers. These communities are now an integral part and the biggest voice behind building up the most popular NFT projects. 

We will explain the 5 most important tips for building your NFT community and increasing your followers.

Tip #1. Have a clear message and story

An NFT collection or NFT mint is always structured around a core message and story that your fans are interested in. 

It could be the backstory of the art characters, the utility of the NFT, or its role in a much larger ecosystem of dApps.

Ask yourself the following simple questions:

“Why would someone buy and hold this NFT?” “Does this NFT have a special meaning?”

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Regardless of your core message, it’s important to identify it early and make sure to craft a clear and simple story around it.

Your message has to be consistent over different online channels of communication.

Many projects stumble when they muddle the core nature of their NFT and try to add buzzwords that are popular at a given moment. Your community and followers will be drawn in by the story behind your NFT collection or NFT drop. 

Tip #2. Identify a primary channel of communication

The second aspect of clear messaging is choosing the primary social media channel of communication to communicate with your followers.

An NFT project needs to focus on and identify a primary channel and maybe a secondary one. It’s not good to spread your NFT project too thin over too many channels as it can weaken follower engagement.

It’s important to identify which channel will bring the most attention based on your audience and the method of messaging within that channel. 

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For example, Discord and Twitter are normally the primary channels for most crypto and NFT projects to communicate the latest announcements and chat directly in real time with their followers. Discord’s ability to create channels to direct discussions, and provide robust support for bots and crypto-friendly tools have already made it very popular with the younger demographic. So, for most projects, this will be the default choice. 

A secondary channel needs to complement the primary one to promote and supplement your core message. 

An excellent secondary channel might be a visual channel that drives engagement. This could be YouTube, but for shorter content, it could be TikTok. 

Tip #3. Collaborate with other NFT projects

It may seem that the NFT market is a zero-sum game, but nothing is further from the truth. 

NFT projects and initiatives benefit greatly by banding together and creating cross-promotions, sharing communication, and overall collaboration as much as possible to increase awareness and drive engagement. 

The ecosystem benefits the most when all the projects pool resources together and create meaningful shared experiences. 

Just be honest when reaching out to other projects and ensure a mutual collective goal behind the collaborations.

Tip #4. Build trust

We are in a very different environment for NFTs than what it used to be just a year ago. 

Now, people are more suspicious of new NFT projects which can be an entry barrier for new NFT creators. 

The most important thing to overcome this barrier is building trust with your followers in addition to the tips mentioned above. 

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NFT creators, developers, and community managers have to be open about the state of the NFT project including its scope, roadmap, and challenges to scalability.

It takes very little to lose the trust of a community and regaining that can be impossible. The best policy is, to be honest from day one with a clear story built around the project.

Community is an often overlooked aspect of the success of an NFT project. Yet, it is one of the key drivers of attention and can be the leading factor that determines final success. As with all things, it involves a lot of work and effort to build a good community. 

Tip #5. Prepare a clear roadmap for your NFTs

As mentioned above, the NFT market is very different from where it used to be. While there is still a lot of speculation, more people are now aware of NFTs and are more selective about buying NFTs.

As such, it’s more important to plan and create a sustainable roadmap for releasing your NFTs, communicating this to your community via your preferred channel, and consistently engaging with your community.

Releasing exclusive previews or “teaser” NFTs on your channel can be a strategic promotional tool for building buzz while also telling a clear, compelling story behind it. This also allows your NFT project to test out different NFTs to see if there is a potential product-market fit and learn about community sentiment.

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