April 11, 2023

5 Ways to Grow Your Professional Blockchain Network


Networking is essential in any job or business to create new business connections, business leads, and other potential business opportunities.

Especially in an emerging tech industry such as blockchain and Web3 where many businesses and employees work primarily online and where new business ideas can quickly gather buzz, networking becomes even more important.

In this blog, we outline 5 ways you can grow your professional blockchain network, especially within the Cardano blockchain community.

As a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, working at EMURGO provides a great opportunity to strategically network with many people from the Cardano community.

5 ways to build your blockchain career network at EMURGO

Blog Series Why EMURGO is a Great Fit 5 Ways to Grow Your Professional Blockchain Network

#1 – Join online Cardano blockchain communities

Crypto and blockchain are very community-oriented and many ideas, discussions, and technical knowledge are shared and reviewed online on different social media channels. Social media platforms, in particular Twitter and Discord, have many people interested in and working in the blockchain industry sharing information in real time. There can also be online forums for particular blockchains like Cardano where community members can easily connect. By joining online communities focused on Cardano, you can find out new information related to Cardano, connect with influential people in the Cardano community, and build your reputation in the community. 

#2 – Connect with Cardano ecosystem partners and dApp projects

As an EMURGO employee, you are afforded the opportunity to connect with different Cardano ecosystem projects and stakeholders. Depending on your team’s responsibilities, there are many ways to connect with them through work-related tasks, at events and webinars, and through social media channels such as LinkedIn. You can learn more about these different projects and the value they are trying to bring to the Cardano ecosystem.

#3 – Attend blockchain conferences and local Cardano meetups

Working at EMURGO gives employees chances to attend blockchain conferences and meetups in their respective locations. At blockchain conferences and meetups, you will meet entrepreneurs, investors, developers, businessmen, and community members who all share an interest in blockchain and Cardano. 

These events are a great way to meet people that work in the blockchain industry or have connections to the blockchain industry. You can engage in conversations on industry topics, exchange business cards, and follow up later through email or social media to create potential business connections.

As in any other business, professional networking is important to expand your career potential in the blockchain industry.

#4 – Become a thought leader within the Cardano community and grow your followers

As you join and start engaging with the Cardano community on certain channels such as the Cardano forum, Twitter, Discord, or LinkedIn, you can start to enhance your reputation by sharing helpful Cardano content. You can share EMURGO or Cardano-related developments and even think of creating your content to share if it can be helpful to the overall Cardano community. By posting and sharing good content, it will also help to expand your network as others will seek to connect with you for professional networking opportunities.

#5 – Attend Web3 business pitch competitions, hackathons, and other biz-related meetings

As a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, EMURGO also hosts and participates in business competitions, hackathons, and other related Web3 events such as Cardano workshops. Recently, EMURGO partnered with Thailand’s leading digital asset company and unicorn Bitkub to co-host a business pitch competition for student entrepreneurs to build real-world business solutions on the Cardano blockchain. You can have the chance to have a front-row seat and also learn about the planning and other details that go on behind the scenes at these events.

Apply to Cardano founding entity EMURGO to expand your blockchain network

Interested in working in blockchain and expanding your business network? Then, apply to blockchain company EMURGO.

Go to EMURGO’s careers page to apply for remote Cardano blockchain jobs that suit your strengths.

EMURGO is a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain. Based in Singapore, EMURGO has more than 100 employees around the world with offices in Asia, the US, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa. EMURGO offers a decentralized work environment with perks & benefits such as remote work, career advancement, and opportunities to develop new skills.


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