October 4, 2022

EMURGO Academy 101: How Learning Blockchain Basics Can Help Transition Your Career


Blockchain technology has quickly become one of the industries of the future. 

In just a few years, it is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy and of the overall tech industry. 

Developers, enterprises, startups, governments, NGOs, etc. are all adopting blockchain in one way or another to transition into Web3. 

This means that no matter what career path you find yourself in, at some point you’ll encounter blockchain and Web3. 

Blockchain technology connects different economic sectors with use cases such as smart contracts and applications for value transfer, identity, digital property, data management, and more, that can disrupt businesses by removing middlemen and automating many existing processes in a secure, transparent manner.

Thus, learning about blockchain technology is one of the best ways to future-proof your career. It might seem like a daunting concept due to its high technical barrier.

Still, educational providers such as EMURGO Academy are here to easily guide you through the basic steps of becoming a blockchain professional.

How can you learn blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology, like many subjects, has different levels of complexity. 

At its core, it requires a deep understanding of cryptography and decentralized systems. 

Yet, USING or APPLYING the technology and engaging with decentralized applications (dApps) does not demand the same level of detailed technical knowledge. 

A huge chunk of the user-centric part of blockchain technology is actually built on TOP of these systems, helping to abstract away these concepts while tapping into their power. 

Much like the internet, where the base infrastructure might deal with very complex concepts like communications protocols, the speed of light, and other subjects, most internet users don’t actually interact with those deeper layers. 

They just need a basic familiarity with the internet to be able to interact with internet-enabled applications. 

In the same way, blockchain technology can be explained at a high level and give you the necessary understanding to engage with it. It’s possible to know the basic design principles without having to go very deep into the nitty-gritty details. 

By mastering these concepts, a person is able to increase their confidence and precision when engaging with blockchain-enabled decentralized applications (dApps) or managing their crypto assets. 

Blockchain technology is still in its relatively early stages and now is always the best time to start learning to upskill and gain more career opportunities as a blockchain professional or blockchain developer.

What can be gained by understanding blockchain fundamentals?

Blockchain technology is taking over the world. 

In fact, according to LinkedIn blockchain and Web3 jobs soared by 400% from 2020 to 2021 and posted the most available job listings in the overall tech industry.

This means that learning the basics now can pay huge career dividends in the future. 

Though blockchain dApps are coded by computer developers, there is a highly increasing demand for blockchain-proficient experts in the financial industry and other industries to tap into new areas of business growth utilizing blockchain and Web3 (i.e. DeFi, NFTs, etc.). 

There is also a fast-growing need for more educators, lawyers, accountants, digital marketers, and other professionals with a non-technical background that can help bring blockchain and Web3 into the mainstream.

All these professional types can bring their own field of expertise to the blockchain industry and can enrich the space while possessing a good understanding of basic blockchain concepts. 

This is also true for developers, as those who want to enter the blockchain industry also need to know the building blocks of blockchain before they begin coding smart contracts and dApps. 

Without this internal knowledge, they risk making a poor replica of existing centralized systems instead of dApps that can truly provide revolutionary solutions and services leveraging blockchain technology for the general public.

EMURGO Academy’s Foundations of Blockchain course helps you learn all you need to know about blockchain

EMURGO Academy, the education unit of Cardano blockchain founding entity EMURGO, has the required ESSENTIAL knowledge that can help you to understand blockchain at a deeper level, WITHOUT the need for technical skills.

EMURGO Academy’s various courses are designed to make learning blockchain an easy-to-understand experience for all learners.

For those with a non-technical background, EMURGO Academy’s “Foundations of Blockchain” course is structured to give students a deep understanding of blockchain from scratch.

Once students have mastered these essential blockchain fundamentals, they can choose different paths for their advancement in Blockchain. 

Those inclined to become developers can go into all the requirements to understand smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain, one of the largest blockchain networks by market capitalization. 

Those without an inclination to become developers can opt for becoming Expert Business Consultants with our “Blockchain Business Consultant” certification course, and learn more about consulting enterprises and business organizations about blockchain.

Upon completing various courses, EMURGO Academy also helps students connect with blockchain and Web3 projects in the Cardano and blockchain industry for potential jobs.

For more direct questions, please email education@emurgo.io

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