August 1, 2022

EMURGO July 2022 Newsletter: EMURGO Africa investments to boost Web3 accessibility and EMURGO to speak at Coinfest Asia in Bali!


EMURGO’s newsletter features updates from our team, new product releases, and partnership announcements. Find out how we’re contributing to the Cardano Web3 ecosystem including DeFi, NFT, and blockchain education space for the month of July.

EMURGO Africa investment in Seso Global and Afriguild

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Investment in Afriguild

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EMURGO is coming to Coinfest Asia in Bali

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(L:R Rio “Popeye Inaba, Shunsuke Murasaki)

Beginner’s Guide: An Intro to Crypto Wallet Types

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Beginner’s Guide: How to buy and sell NFTs on Cardano NFT Marketplace Fibo

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Other releases we got for you this month:

Meet the Team

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Fibo 101: What is NFT Minting and Wallet Whitelisting?

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EMURGO Academy: What is a Blockchain Layer-2?

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