March 21, 2023

How to Get Cardano Web3 Jobs


In our blog series “Why EMURGO Is a Great Fit”, we have been explaining the specific benefits of working in the rapidly growing blockchain and Web3 industry.

In this particular blog, we will discuss the blockchain job recruitment and hiring process at EMURGO and how to apply for Cardano blockchain jobs at the bottom.

The hiring process for prospective job seekers

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EMURGO employees enjoy remote work, career advancement, upskilling opportunities, and other perks & benefits.

The following steps below are designed to give more insight to prospective job candidates about the interview and hiring process at EMURGO.

Step 1

Search for available jobs on EMURGO’s official Breezy page or EMURGO’s LinkedIn, and apply for the desired role. Prospective candidates may also be referred to EMURGO’s Talent Acquisition team by a mutual friend or colleague.

Step 2

Upon passing an initial review of the candidate’s qualifications, prospective candidates will interview with EMURGO’s Talent Acquisition team. During this first informal interview, candidates will have the chance to learn more about their desired role including challenges & needs, company culture, and how the role could fit in with career aspirations.

Step 3

Next, candidates will go through the formal interview process which can be either face-to-face, virtual, or both with the hiring manager for the role’s department. The interview rounds can include online assessments, and discussions with various stakeholders of the role to get a better sense of the candidate’s potential fit.

Step 4

If the candidate has passed the formal interview rounds and there is a mutual agreement that the candidate is a proper fit, discussions will proceed to the details of the job offer.

Step 5

Upon discussion with the hiring team, EMURGO will extend a formal job offer covering the details of employment.

Step 6

Sign, rest, and get ready to start or transition to an exciting career in blockchain and Web3.

EMURGO: A founding entity of the Cardano blockchain

HQ 1

EMURGO is a global blockchain technology solutions company based in Singapore with more than 100 employees internationally and offices in Asia, the US, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa. 

Some of EMURGO’s core businesses include:

  • EMURGO Fintech which builds Web3 products and services for Cardano’s ecosystem including Yoroi Wallet and USD-backed Cardano stablecoin USDA
  • EMURGO Ventures which invests in Web3 projects that can bring value to the Cardano ecosystem
  • EMURGO Middle East & Africa which a regional entity focusing on investing in and accelerating the rapid growth of blockchain companies and Web3 projects in the region
  • EMURGO Media which builds media products and services for the Cardano community including Cardano Spot

With a talented group of global employees, EMURGO offers many fantastic perks & benefits to its employees such as remote work, career advancement opportunities, and many more.

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Interested in remote blockchain jobs?

Looking to start a career or transition into blockchain and Web3?

Then, head on over to EMURGO’s official Breezy career page here to browse the list of currently available Cardano jobs now.

You can also follow our official channels below for up-to-date information and announcements from EMURGO.


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