March 23, 2023

How Working in Blockchain Has Completely Changed My Life


This week as part of our “My Journey to EMURGO” series, we speak with EMURGO Fintech Community Manager William Ryan about his Cardano blockchain job, and how working in blockchain has changed his life for the better.

This series focuses on the various talents working in blockchain at EMURGO and the perks & benefits of their jobs and the unique experience of helping the Cardano ecosystem.

At the bottom, you can also find out how to apply for Cardano blockchain jobs at EMURGO and start a career in Web3.

Q&A with EMURGO Fintech Community Manager William

William 1
William Ryan

Hi William. Could you introduce yourself?

William: Hello everyone. My name is William Ryan. I’m a Community Manager for EMURGO Fintech and Yoroi Wallet.

Tell us about your professional background.

William: I have been working in blockchain for about six years which is a pretty long time by blockchain industry standards and involved with this space since 2015. I’ve had an incredible experience thus far as I’ve had the opportunities to work with some really exciting Web3 blockchain projects ranging from AI to robotics, micropayments, and financial services, and now the Cardano blockchain ecosystem with Yoroi Wallet, the first Cardano ADA light wallet. These various opportunities have broadened my knowledge of different blockchain ecosystems and how blockchain technology can uniquely impact these industries.

How did you start working in blockchain and why did you choose to work at EMURGO?

William: I found this Blockchain Community Manager role at EMURGO through a job posting. I had been involved in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem for many years now, so it felt like a natural fit. I decided to work here because a blockchain-related remote work environment felt very beneficial, the company culture was a great fit, and the people who work here are kind and motivated. Working with a crypto wallet was a bit of a change of pace, but as someone who has been a blockchain evangelist for many years now, the transition was natural – if not the best personal and professional fit entirely. Troubleshooting and helping people have always been part of my character, so this has been a wonderful journey for me.

What makes working at EMURGO different compared to your previous companies?

William: I have normally worked with startups to help their projects grow. Marketing and community are my forte, so working with a well-established company like Cardano founding entity EMURGO is new, but also welcomed. Instead of helping to directly promote a startup Web3 project and its technical aspects, I am now more on the marketing and customer service side of things. People are my passion. 

V2L 2
EMURGO team gathering in Spain

EMURGO is a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, one of the largest blockchain ecosystems. How has working in blockchain and Web3 benefited your career?

William: Working in blockchain and Web3 has completely changed my life. I love this emerging tech sector and hope to continue to work in it for years to come. More companies are starting to look for experienced Web3 talents as well. There’s something exciting about being a part of emerging technologies and bringing real value to people who might not otherwise have access to these tools. Since the start of this chapter in my career, I’ve also been fortunate enough to start a family with the tremendous benefits of remote work, and that means everything to me. I will forever be grateful for this experience.

Describe your best work moment at EMURGO.

William: My greatest moments working at EMURGO are truly the small things. It isn’t necessarily some new feature or a great piece of content – but rather, it’s being able to help people in a real way. Whether it is explaining how to fix a customer’s Yoroi Wallet, or helping a user retrieve their tokens, it is being able to help people that truly drives me.

What’s your favorite EMURGO employee perk or benefit?

William: The best perks are the people here. I work with a passionate and friendly team who truly wants to make the space a better place. Not to mention, the flexibility in our schedules is so incredibly important, especially for those striving to have an efficient work-life balance. Having the ability to take care of personal matters alongside my responsibilities has made raising a family a joy. 

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What advice would you give to those interested in working at EMURGO?

William: I would simply suggest putting your best foot forward, and just being ready and eager to learn. It is not necessarily what you know, but your willingness to grow in your professional career. Be prepared to take on different roles, show initiative, and make yourself available to help us complete projects as a team.

Tell us three fun facts about yourself!

  1. I am incredibly competitive in everything I do.
  2. I love technology – especially computer peripherals.
  3. No one in my family can beat me at Scrabble.

Looking to start a career in blockchain and Web3? Apply to EMURGO

Want to work in blockchain and Web3? 

Then, apply now to EMURGO to bring your talents to the Cardano ecosystem.

Visit EMURGO’s official Breezy page here to browse the list of currently available positions and apply.

EMURGO is a founding entity and the official commercial arm of the Cardano blockchain. Based in Singapore and offices also located in the US, Europe, and Africa, EMURGO has more than 100 employees around the world and offers diverse work perks and benefits for its employees including remote working opportunities. As a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, EMURGO builds, educates, and invests in Cardano’s growing Web3 ecosystem.

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