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What We Seek?

We are sector agnostic and have a global investment scope. We see great opportunities in emerging markets and focus on the following sectors:

  • Financial Services
  • Supply Chain
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • The Public Sector
  • IoT

What is dLab?

dLab is a program based in NYC, focusing on distributed ledger technologies including DLT protocols, blockchain infrastructure, smart contracts, and decentralized applications.


dLab emurgo?

dLab combines EMURGO’s deep expertise in commercial blockchain development and the robust strength of the Cardano ecosystem, with SOSV’s best-in-class acceleration processes, investment consortium, and ability to help companies bring innovative technologies to market rapidly.




SOSV, the “Accelerator VC”, deploys more than $50m each year (and an additional $250m in follow-up capital through its global investor network) to the 150 startups and alumni that graduate their deep-tech accelerators in hardware, life sciences, cross-border internet, and disruptive food.

SOSV is on a mission to support businesses with both financial upside and social benefit.


dLab program

The program is designed to be protocol agnostic and multi-disciplinary, supporting startups focused on any variant of distributed ledger or blockchain technology.

Startups and businesses working with EMURGO have access to several additional material advantages, including access to Cardano development and policy partners.

Companies Portfolio

EMURGO Pte Ltd. Portfolio
    1. Honeycomb
      Connecting the next generation of the Internet to the outside world.

EMURGO VC Portfolio
EMURGO Africa Portfolio

Investment Criteria

We invest in high-impact ideas that promote positive change.

  • Working prototype
  • Built on Cardano blockchain
  • Lean capital model
  • Business plan/whitepaper
  • Committed team
  • Unique project