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A History of Stablecoins on Cardano

A History of Stablecoins on Cardano

Table of ContentsStablecoin BackgroundDjed by COTI (algorithmic stablecoin)dUSD by Ardana (collateral-backed stablecoin)AgeUSD and SigmaUSDThink we missed any stablecoins building on Cardano? Reach out to us. *Updated November 24. Ardana has stopped working on the...

Meet EMURGO Africa’s Incoming CEO

Meet EMURGO Africa’s Incoming CEO

EMURGO Middle East & Africa (MEA), an Africa and Middle East-focused entity of Cardano founding entity EMURGO today announced the appointment of Ahmed Amer to serve as CEO of EMURGO Africa. EMURGO Africa is a regional subsidiary of EMURGO MEA.

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