November 16, 2022

What to Expect from EMURGO at Cardano Summit 2022


Cardano Summit: The annual gathering of the community

Cardano Summit is the biggest conference every year for the Cardano community organized by Cardano Foundation with support from EMURGO and IOG.

Cardano Summit 2022 will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland on November 19-21, 2022 with also virtual attendance available for those unable to attend.

Notable speakers from Cardano’s founding entities (including Charles Hoskinson) along with ecosystem partners and selected Cardano community members will speak on a wide range of related topics such as Cardano DeFi, NFTs, Cardano Web3, investing, Cardano metaverse and gaming, and more.

For more information, see the full agenda, and to register to attend, please visit the Cardano Summit 2022 website here.

EMURGO’s speaker lineup at Cardano Summit 2022

Cardano Summit 2022 EMURGO

EMURGO, a founding member of the Cardano blockchain and its official commercial arm, will have representatives from its business units presenting on a variety of Cardano blockchain topics.

Cardano Summit 2022 Vineeth

EMURGO Managing Director of Fintech Vineeth Bhuvanagiri will explain why the Cardano blockchain is best positioned to bridge RealFi and DeFi and bring financial services to the masses. (Click here for the schedule.)

Cardano Summit 2022 Sebastian

EMURGO Managing Director of Media Sebastian Zillacus will talk about community-led growth and its implications for the future of Web3. (Click here for the schedule.)

Cardano Summit 2022 Yoshida

EMURGO Middle East & Africa co-CEO Yosuke Yoshida will discuss VCs and Web3. (Click here for the schedule.) 

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EMURGO Fintech Community Lead Tyler Wales will discuss Web3 and sustainable development goals alongside others on a panel. (Click here for the schedule.)

Can’t go to Cardano Summit 2022? How about a satellite meetup event in your area?

Cardano Summit 2022 Satellite Events

For those unable to attend Cardano Summit 2022, there are two options available.

First, you could register to virtually attend Cardano Summit 2022 where you can watch the speakers and go to exhibition booths that will have representatives on hand to answer questions in real time.

Second, there will be in-person local meetups or Cardano Summit satellite events held in more than 50 locations across the world on all continents. Cardano community members will be able to unite and network to discuss all things Cardano. (*Some meetup events have closed RSVPs as of now so it is recommended to contact the local organizer separately.)

EMURGO will have a presence at the Singapore satellite event and our Indonesia unit will be at the Jakarta satellite event on November 19. Both of these events will be on November 19, 2022, although registration is now closed for both events.

For more detailed information and a schedule of events, click here for the Singapore Cardano Summit 2022 satellite event and click here for the Jakarta Cardano Summit 2022 satellite event.

For those in other cities, click here for a full list of scheduled satellite events to find the one nearest you.

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