June 23, 2022

Consensus 2022 Recap: Team EMURGO Celebrates the Cardano Community

Consensus 2022 was a celebration bringing together the entire Cardano ecosystem including its founding entities EMURGO, IOG, and the Cardano Foundation, and the global Cardano community to showcase the achievements and many dApp projects of Cardano over the past year.

ICYMI, here’s a recap of EMURGO’s highlights during the week of Web3 events, meetups, and developer workshops, with recap videos below.

EMURGO booth showcases Yoroi Wallet and Fibo NFT marketplace at Cardano community event

The Cardano community event was a meetup for the global Cardano community held on the eve of the four-day Consensus event to highlight a few of the 1,000+ projects building on Cardano. It fostered networking opportunities and partnerships to benefit the Cardano ecosystem.

Attended by more than 1,200 people, the Cardano community event was a huge success that presented an opportunity for the community to meet each other and the founding entities.

Cardano community event 10
EMURGO team at Cardano community event

Yoroi Wallet – an open-source and the first Cardano light wallet for the Cardano community – was at the EMURGO booth with Fintech General Manager Vineeth Bhuvanagiri and CTO Javier Franco to showcase Yoroi and meet with Yoroi users. Users were able to freely engage with Yoroi’s team and gave user feedback to incorporate into future releases.

New Cardano NFT marketplace Fibo was also present at the booth to onboard new users and talk to the community how Fibo is the perfect gateway for Cardano NFTs.

EMURGO’s new Group COO delivers an opening address to the Cardano community

EMURGO’s newly appointed senior management was on hand at the Cardano community event, including Group COO Rio “Popeye” Inaba who gave the opening address.

Touching upon his vast experience including his previous role as Chief Innovation Officer at AEON, Inaba discussed how Cardano was open for business, for developers to build Web3 projects, and for businesses to get into the Web3 movement.

Cardano community event 1
Group COO Rio “Popeye” Inaba speaking at the Cardano community event

EMURGO’s business units present their goals at the main Cardano stage at Consensus

EMURGO presented at the main Cardano stage in front of Consensus attendees and the Cardano community about its vision and plans to onboard new users to Cardano.

The presenters included:

Popeye Presents 1.17.1
Group COO Rio “Popeye” Inaba
EMURGO Yoroi Consensus
EMURGO Fintech General Manager Vineeth Bhuvanagiri
javier Presents 1.19.1
EMURGO CTO Javier Franco
EMURGO Ventures Consensus 1
EMURGO Ventures Partner Kaimin Hu speaking with Managing Partner Takashi Hayashida
Emurgo Africa Presents 1.21.1
EMURGO Middle East & Africa co-CEO Shogo Ishida with co-CEO Yosuke Yoshida
Tyler Presents 1.20.1
NFT Business Development Lead Tyler Wales
EV Presents 1 1.22.1
EMURGO Academy CEO Ellapan Venkatesan

EMURGO soft launches Cardano NFT marketplace Fibo

During EMURGO’s presentations at the main Cardano stage at Consensus, NFT Business Development Manager Wales also announced the soft launch of Fibo.

Fibo is a one-stop Cardano NFT marketplace empowering artists and collectors for a positive social impact which provides minting, buying, selling, and storytelling opportunities for artists.

EMURGO Fibo Consensus 2022 Presentation
NFT Business Development Lead Tyler Wales soft announces Fibo launch

EMURGO announces strategic partnership with Cardashift

At the main Cardano stage at Consensus, EMURGO NFT Business Development Lead Tyler Wales announced a strategic partnership with Cardano launchpad Cardashift who joined us. 

This strategic partnership’s goal is to help Cardashift’s socially and environmentally impactful startups build their communities and brands by providing EMURGO’s Cardano-based products such as Fibo and Yoroi Wallet.

IMG 7993
Cardashift presents at the Cardano booth

EMURGO’s CTO participates in Cardano developer workshop and discussion panel

After the conclusion of the main Consensus four-day event, the Cardano ecosystem held a specific one-day developer workshop and dApps meetup for the Cardano community.

EMURGO’s technical team led by CTO Franco was on-site to mentor attendees as well as participate in a panel discussion including IOG’s Chief Product Officer Dynal Patel.

Consensus developer event 1
CTO Franco with IOG’s Dynal Patel (middle)

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